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If China and the US go to war, it will be over Taiwan.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Existential Threat or Transcendental Opportunity

Image by Pinkeyes on Shutterstock

Answering the Fundamental Question of Philosophy

Image by Vishnu from Pixabay

Extricating feminism from critical theory.

Image by Chenspec from Pixabay


Finding Intimacy in a Narcissistic Society

Image by JohnHain on Pixabay

Becoming an Author in the Story of Life

Image by MysticArtDesign on Pixabay

Not all that Matters is Matter

Photo by Vintage RS on StockSnap

QM, cosmology, quantum consciousness, & information theory.

Image by Zelenov on ShutterStock

Liberalism, Identity Politics, & the Search for Meaning

Edited from the original “I Shop Therefore I Am” by Barbara Kruger


A Curious Mind in Search of Meaning ~ BA in Communication, MA in IR, pursuing a Phd in Philosophy. ~ IG: reveriesofthefuture

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